Dutch Hemp Traders is a family-run business with a passion for hemp! For years, it has been our mission to promote hemp and create awareness. When launching our first consumer store in 2013, we surprised many people with the large variety and diversity of hemp products we had to offer. We loved, and still love, watching our customers enjoy all the health benefits and comfort hemp has to offer in dietary products, cosmetics and clothing. Hemp is a highly sustainable, multi purpose crop, with over ten thousands of different uses. While hemp is one the eldest crops cultured by men, it was long abandoned for silly political reasons. As more and more people are re-discovering the use of this wonderful plant, the demand for hemp products is rising and business is growing fast. Hemp is hot! As for us, we gradually but steadily moved towards a wholesale company, while still keeping our flagship store. We now increase consciousness even more, by inspiring other entrepreneurs as well to add hemp products to their product range. We provide excellent advise for both start ups as small existing businesses, as we indent on the vast growing demand for high quality hemp products.


Yes, about you! Because without you there is no “us”. So, you recently discovered the various profits of the hemp plant and it’s purposes and want to do something with it professionally. Or, you have been highly passionate about hemp for some time now and ready to make the next step in becoming a ‘hempreneur’. Either way, you’re playing an important role in the promotion of hemp! However, there are so many different products, and so many varieties.. where to start? You have come to the right address at Dutch Hemp Traders! We love to share our passion and knowledge with you, to get you started. Whether you are running an online or offline shop, or even a therapist that would like to offer some cbd related products to your clients.