PHYTO+ is a Dutch brand and is produced in the Nordic countries of the EU, where the clean climate and natural conditions are perfect for the growth and cultivation of hemp. Hemp for PHYTO+ is specially grown for the production of Cannabidiol extract. They produce according to GMP standards (Good Manufacturing Practice). This is the highest standard for the pharmaceutical and food industries. PHYTO+ will test their CBD products very seriously, all their products are tested for 300+ pesticides, heavy metals and mycotoxins. The highest quality can be gegarandeed which all CBD products 100% organic, non-GMO and free of synthetic and harmful substances. PHYTO+ presents its analysis and test reports available for inspection per batch number.

The PHYTO+ assortment includes the following products:

RAW full spectrum CBD/CBDa

  • 3%, 5% and 15% Oil drops (10ml)
  • 10mg and 50mg Capsules (30 caps)
  • 20% extract paste (1gram, 10gram)

RAW full spectrum CBG

  • 5% Oil drops (10ml)

Crystals 99% pure (0,5 gram)

All offered products are made from the types of Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) that are registered and permitted by the EU as agricultural crop and that remain below the maximum THC content of <0.2% in the plant.