Canna Therapeia is our own “in house” brand of high quality CBD therapeuticals, made with only natural ingredients.

Our assortment includes the following products:

RAW full spectrum CBD/CBDa

This CBD Oil RAW is of high quality and is obtained by CO2 extraction. With this clean extraction method, all active ingredients are retained in their natural form. In addition to CBD, this complete spectrum also contains all other cannabinoids, terpenes, phenols and flavenoids present. All these substances that occur naturally in the cannabis plant have their own therapeutic value and a synergistic effect with the cbd for maximum effect. Since no heating (decarboxylation) takes place during the production process, this oil also contains CBDa (Canabidiol acide, the natural preform of CBD). Based on organic hemp seed oil.

  • 5% Oil Spray (10ml)
  • 10% Oil Spray (10ml)

CBD Oil “Calm & sleep”

CBD oil “Calm & Sleep” for support of the natural sleep process and more peace and tranquility. In addition to the many known properties of CBD, this CBD spray contains numerous soothing and calming natural additives for more peace and tranquility during the day and for a better night’s sleep. These carefully formulated essential oils and terpenes are, where possible, of biological origin and all natural, without the use of endocrine disruptors such as melatonin or addictive substances as in most sleep medications.

  • 4% Oil Spray (10ml)

All Canna Therapeia CBD oil products come with a convenient spray head (instead of a pipette). because of this the bottles remain closed, which improves hygiene and prevents spillage.

All offered products are made from the types of Cannabis Sativa L. (hemp) that are registered and permitted by the EU as agricultural crop and that remain below the maximum THC content of <0.2% in the plant.